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3DDet (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Good for us, pets and the planet Distributor of dogs and cats sanitary products

ThreeD Pets (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

We are established from the year 2018. Although we are new, our founders have experience in this field having been around this market for around 5 years. Much effort has been put into our products purely out of love for our pets and concern for their wellbeing. Our products are fully developed in Thailand, sourcing only local natural ingredients, therefore contributing to the local economic growth of Thailand. Our ingredients have been used in other industries and has shown multiple benefits to their users. During our research and development stage, Thai Herbal Experts have found various benefits for our pets when using Thai Herbs. Our first line of products are shampoos and conditioners made with ingredients carefully selected to be the most beneficial for our pets.

Leader in the production of pet products Using the main raw materials in the country Especially the value of Thai herbs To be good for pets, pay attention to the buyer is the owner And protect the environment